Checkbook cover

Checkbook cover with full grain leather finish.
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Product Description

Checkbook cover with full grain leather finish. This piece of leather accessory is a handy companion for businessmen. No more would you have to worry about keeping track of where you kept your payment cards and papers since the Lucrin checkbook holder allows you to arrange them all in one place. Being in genuine leather to boot, the checkbook cover would also protect its contents while giving you a neat and professional look. Lucrin allows you to personalize the holder by leather color and type, as well as the possibility to engrave it with a text of your choice. The leather checkbook cover is made up of the following pockets:
A left-side cheque book insertion slot
5 pockets for credit or business cards
Notes or tickets can be inserted into the slit at the back.

Note: Valid for checkbooks with the standard European size
Dimensions : 7.7 inches x 4.3 inches
  • Ref PM1108

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