Case for 3 pencils

Leather case for 3 pencils, designed with great detailing such as the collar stud. Available in different colors and leather type.
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  • Ref FR2018
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Product Description

Case for 3 pencils or pens made from genuine leather. The collar stud closure contribute to the sophisticated look of the leather case. Delivered with 3 pencils Lucrin, this pencil case will also fit your favorite pen or your pencils (1 big pen 1.2 inches of diameter or 2 pens 0.6 inches of diameter). The perfect gift for the writing lovers.

Dimension when closed : 7.48 x 1.77 inches
Dimension when opened : 10.82 x 1.77 inches
Pencils' diameter : 0.59 inches of diameter

  • Ref FR2018

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