Each Lucrin creation can be tailored to suit its owner with a wide selection of different leather textures and colours and sewing thread colours, along with the lettering (embossed, stamped or carved) of your choice. Set your creativity free and invent your own Lucrin leather work of art as you browse our designs!
Leather type and texture

Leather type and texture

The first step in customization is to choose the origin and texture of the leather to be used for the fabrication of your item. Cowhide, calfskin or lambskin? Genuine stingray, alligator or ostrich? What about eco-friendly leather? Gloss or matte? Textured or non-textured? Lucrin offers all these options, and more.

lucrin leather varieties

You can pick from the following types of leather:

  1. smooth
  2. granulated
  3. lambskin
  4. matte
  5. crocodile style
  6. eco-friendly cowhide
  7. stingray skin
  8. metallic
  9. square granulated
  10. real Ostrich leather
  11. nubuck calf leather
  12. real matte alligator leather

Leather colour

For each leather, you may choose from a range of colours. This is where you can really start getting creative, using different combinations of texture and colour to make each individual article quite unique. Lucrin is proud to offer you a choice of over 30 colours across its range of leathers. If you need to see the colour rendering before making your final decision, we can send you a colour chart – feel free to ask for yours today.

Color swatch

Thread Colour

We offer two options: thread that matches the colour of the leather in question (tone-on-tone), or natural unbleached thread which goes with all leather colours.

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