Half-moon waist bag

Lucrin proposes a large variety of colors and several leather types for you to choose from to make your half-moon waist bag unique to you. You can also benefit from our permanent leather engraving options.
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  • Ref BG1045
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You are loving this product but you can't make up your mind about the color and material.

Order our set of swatches of all colors available.

Product Description

Produced with high quality leather in a half moon shape, this waist bag is very suitable for your travels. It is easily hanged on a belt and can be discreetly hidden under your coat. It has 2 openings with zipper where you can keep safely your phone or camera or other accessories.

Size : 3.94 inches x 4.72 inches x 2.17 inches

  • Ref BG1045

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