Luxury pencils case

Leather luxury case for 3 pencils with flap closure. An elegant and trendy case to carry your favorite pens and pencils.
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  • Ref FR2019
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Product Description

Leather case for 3 pencils with flap closure. Keep and transport your 3 pencils Lucrin in a simple leather case. This case is also perfect for your pen of 3.2 of diameter or 2 pens of 1.6 cm of diameter. An easy flap closure which slide right in the case to secure the pencils. Delivered with 3 pencils Lucrin.

Dimension when closed : 7.28 x 1.77 inches
Dimension when opened : 10.82 x 1.77 inches
Pencils' diameter : 0.59 inches of diameter/p>

  • Ref FR2019

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