Customer Testimonials
Thomas Fleming July 05, 2012
  I ordered the 5 pc set in natural leather and it was beautiful.  
geoffrey shickle June 28, 2012
  Really pleased, first class service and a premium product. My wife is very pleased with her birthday present!  
KL June 18, 2012
  I am delighted by the quality of the merchandise I received. Not only is the grade of leather exceptional, the materials used in the mounting, detailing and packaging of the products are luxurious as well. Leather desk products from other manufacturers simply do not compare. I am even more impressed by the level of customer service - I will most certainly be back.  
Baumgarten, Phuong-Khanh May 16, 2012
  Lucrin's professionalism is unmatched. The customer service team is very responsive, polite, attentive, and respectful. The website navigation is user friendly and comfortable. My leather planner is of high quality and beauty, and when something went wrong, they replaced it without any hassles. Just one quick message from me and they sent me a new questions asked, as well as an apology for the inconvenience. This company has me hooked for life.  
Sulimanov Avraham April 09, 2012
  I'm very happy with this product - It looks very rich and I feel it an honor to use it.  
Koechel, J April 04, 2012
  Quality product and great customer service. would definitely recommend this company. Tres magnifique!  
Welch, S March 22, 2012
  My new phone case (smooth lamb leather) is beautiful quality and fits perfectly. I plan to use Lucrin again and would not hesitate to recommend you to family and friends.  
Ence March 22, 2012
  Absolute quality stuff from this company. Belts can take a while to be produced and delivered (made to order), but it's worth it. I just got my black with black nickel hardware belt the other week. Not going to have the joy of seeing it age like a natural belt, but I'm pleased :)  
Panto Daniel March 09, 2012
  Excelent product. Nicely done, fine touch. Just like i asked for. Thank you very much