Leather two fold little shoulder bag

Leather two fold little shoulder bag. Lucrin always offers creativity and originality and with this two fold shoulder bag, elegance and fashion are merged together in one product.
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  • Ref BG1025
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Product Description

Leather two fold little shoulder bag.Lucrin always offers creativity and originality.With this two fold shoulder bag,Lucrin allies elegance and fashion.Designed by our experienced craftsman.
Front : Two triangular flaps closed with a snap hook.
Back : Zipped pocket.
Inside:Mobile phone case. Adjustable shoulder straps. Matching color soft-touch leatherette lining.
Dimensions 29/17.5 cm x 24.5 cm x 3 cm.
Shoulder straps min: 120 cm- max: 130 cm.
  • Ref BG1025

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