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  1. Leather made articles are absolutely convenient on travel. Being a noble, resistant, soft and elegant material, our luxury leather goods are ideal for those who travel. For example, discover our exclusive collection of passport covers – both practical and multi-purpose – to which you can match a luggage tag among all those that we propose. Businessmen can also be pleased with the special selection of ties holder and suits bag, which they can bring along during their professional trips. Our currency pouch and travel wallet are among the best-sellers on the market, as they have been specially designed to accommodate essential documents such as passport, boarding pass, loyalty card of flight companies, amongst others. You can even add to the originality of your leather travel accessory by choosing to engrave your initials!

  2. Universal passport holder Universal passport holder #bot[sku: PM1001,id:61280]

    Universal passport holder PM1001 In Stock Deliver in 2 days

    Thanks to this universal passport holder of Lucrin, you may now bring along a hint of elegance during your travels. This authentic premium leather cas.. Learn More
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  3. Universal passport cover Universal passport cover #bot[sku: PM1073,id:60023]

    Universal passport cover PM1073 In Stock Deliver in 2 days

    This leather cover for universal-format passport by Lucrin is a must-have for those who travel regularly. You only need to slip both sides of your pas.. Learn More
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  4. Passport and loyalty cards holder Passport and loyalty cards holder #bot[sku: PM1137,id:61327]

    Passport and loyalty cards holder PM1137 In Stock Deliver in 2 days

    This leather passport holder is a must-have accessory for those who travel regularly! Thanks to a flat pocket and 3 slits for loyalty cards on the lef.. Learn More
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  5. Luxury passport holder Luxury passport holder #bot[sku: PM1075,id:61384]

    Luxury passport holder PM1075 In Stock Deliver in 2 days

    Regular travellers will love this luxury passport holder designed with 2 flat pockets for 6 (2 x 3) loyalty or credit cards. You can keep all your tra.. Learn More
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  6. Travel backgammon Travel backgammon #bot[sku: PM2003,id:61091]

    Travel backgammon PM2003

    Portable version of backgammon for easy transport while travelling! Leather pouch for for chequers and dice. Leather play board with microfibre interi.. Learn More
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  7. Toiletry Bag with Two Compartments (10.8 x 5.9 x 4.7 inches) Toiletry Bag with Two Compartments (10.8 x 5.9 x 4.7 inches) #bot[sku: BG1024,id:60751]

    Toiletry Bag with Two Compartments (10.8 x 5.9 x 4.7 inches) BG1024

    This authentic leather toiletry bag comes with two separate compartments, and is ideal for your long trips. Its relatively generous volume can indeed .. Learn More
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  8. HA2018_AGNP_CGC_G8-4 HA2018_AGNP_CGC_G8-4 #bot[sku: HA2018,id:89299]

    Winter gloves for men HA2018

    These winter gloves made from genuine leather, will be an undeniable protection for you during the winter days. The smoothness and the comfort of its .. Learn More
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  9. HA2020_AGNP_CGC-2 HA2020_AGNP_CGC-2 #bot[sku: HA2020,id:89356]

    Classic gloves for men HA2020

    Thanks to these winter gloves for men, you can make sure to keep your hands warm in frosty conditions. This wonderful pair of leather gloves is hand-m.. Learn More
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  10. HA2024_AGNP_NRR-2 HA2024_AGNP_NRR-2 #bot[sku: HA2024,id:89488]

    Trendy gloves for women HA2024

    This is a perfectly fitting pair of gloves for you! These very trendy and classy winter gloves made with first choice leather and conceived with cashm.. Learn More
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  11. Cufflinks box Cufflinks box #bot[sku: HB1032,id:60283]

    Cufflinks box HB1032

    Luxury cufflinks box in leather. Luxurious case for a pair of cuff links which sets this accessory apart. It is closed with two hidden snap fasteners... Learn More
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  12. Travel shoe-horn Travel shoe-horn #bot[sku: PM1094,id:61366]

    Travel shoe-horn PM1094

    Here is a wonderful accessory that would be really practical for men specially. This leather-covered shoe horn is perfect to carry during your travel... Learn More
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  13. Parking disc Parking disc #bot[sku: PM1023,id:61434]

    Parking disc PM1023

    Parking disc inserted in a full grain leather cover. "Arrival" are printed in silver color, in 3 languages (French, German and Italian). Size : 5.9 x&.. Learn More
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  14. Single CD holder Single CD holder #bot[sku: OS1027,id:60257]

    Single CD holder OS1027

    Single CD holder made in full grain leather. Size 13 x 13 cm. 
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