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  1. This is the range of products made up of the most unexpected accessories which also make perfect gift ideas. From leisure accessories (golf ball cases, backgammon) to travel/professional accessories (shoe horn, tie holder, parking disc,...), we have gathered all of these rare products here. With the wide range of customization options available by LUCRIN, they make unique, yet unexpected gift options.

  2. Fidget spinner Fidget spinner #bot[sku: PM2091,id:102755]

    Fidget spinner PM2091

    Here is an original gift by Lucrin for kids and grown-ups : the Fidget Spinner, coming in its own leather pouch. This relaxing little object has conqu.. Learn More
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  3. Suits Bag Suits Bag #bot[sku: HA2010,id:60967]

    Suits Bag HA2010

    Concerned about your attires or you suits during your trips? This suits bag (or garment bag) made from natural leather is the perfect accessory to pre.. Learn More
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  4. Case for 52 poker cards Case for 52 poker cards #bot[sku: PM2032,id:60945]

    Case for 52 poker cards PM2032

    If you are a poker player, this practical leather case will be ideal for you to keep your cards. This genuine leather case can store up to 52 cards an.. Learn More
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  5. Horizontal ticket case for Paris subway Horizontal ticket case for Paris subway #bot[sku: PM2025,id:60932]

    Horizontal ticket case for Paris subway PM2025

    This leather case discreet and elegant can store up to 10 tickets for Paris' subway. With this horizontal leather case, you will not lose your subway .. Learn More
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  6. Landscape badge holder with lanyard Landscape badge holder with lanyard #bot[sku: PM2011,id:60873]

    Landscape badge holder with lanyard PM2011

    Work badges are used often throughout the day to enter and leave one's office, workplace, or parking lot. To make sure your badge is always on han.. Learn More
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  7. Flat travel pocket Flat travel pocket #bot[sku: BG1063,id:60740]

    Flat travel pocket BG1063

    Flat zipped travel pocket in premium quality leather with handle attachment fixed to the pocket by a metal catch. Closes with two-tone instant clasp. .. Learn More
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  8. Bag hanger Bag hanger #bot[sku: HA1004,id:60406]

    Bag hanger HA1004 In Stock Deliver in 2 days

    This leather bag holder is a really useful accessory that allows you to hang up your handbag on the edge of a table. This table bag holder may be of g.. Learn More
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  9. Belt bag Belt bag #bot[sku: BG1001,id:60336]

    Belt bag BG1001

    Discover the best-selling leather belt bag of Lucrin. Conceived in the finest leather, this bum bag is ideally worn when you go for a walk or for some.. Learn More
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  10. Waist pouch Waist pouch #bot[sku: BG1020,id:60321]

    Waist pouch BG1020

    Waist pouch made in full grain leather. Inside : one flat pocket. The waist strap is adjustable. Flap closure with magnet. Size : 100x150x50 mm. Max... Learn More
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  11. Case for 4 golf balls Case for 4 golf balls #bot[sku: PM1159,id:61307]

    Case for 4 golf balls PM1159

    4-ball golf ball holder The case attaches to the belt and can hold 4 golf balls and 4 tees in its sides. Easy-clean leatherette lining. Sold without b.. Learn More
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  12. Notebook for golf score Notebook for golf score #bot[sku: PM1380,id:61106]

    Notebook for golf score PM1380

    Designed for 9 or 18 holes golf course fans, you will no longer be able to play without this golf score notebook. Jot down your Birdie, Eagle or Albat.. Learn More
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  13. Case for European registration card Case for European registration card #bot[sku: PM2047,id:76602]

    Case for European registration card PM2047

    Give an elegant protection to your new European Registration Card (25.4 x 12.5 cm) thanks to this authentic leather holder. This registration card cas.. Learn More
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  14. Ties and cuff links holder Ties and cuff links holder #bot[sku: BG1044,id:60304]

    Ties and cuff links holder BG1044

    Ties and Cuff Links HolderElegant and practical, this tie holder in leather protects your ties and cuff links perfectly during your travels. An absolu.. Learn More
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  15. Travel backgammon Travel backgammon #bot[sku: PM2003,id:61091]

    Travel backgammon PM2003

    Portable version of backgammon for easy transport while travelling! Leather pouch for for chequers and dice. Leather play board with microfibre interi.. Learn More
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  16. Parking disc Parking disc #bot[sku: PM1023,id:61434]

    Parking disc PM1023

    Parking disc inserted in a full grain leather cover. "Arrival" are printed in silver color, in 3 languages (French, German and Italian). Size : 5.9 x&.. Learn More
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