MagSafe & Apple Watch Dual Charger Dock

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Power up your iPhone and Apple Watch more easily with LUCRIN’s Magsafe & Apple Watch Dual Charger Holder. The wooden base is sheathed with luxury leather to create a sturdy, functional and sophisticated structure. Put your wireless chargers and their cables in their designated slots to obtain an even surface for your Qi-certified devices to rest. The holes have been lined with micro-suction tape to keep the chargers in place. Customize your dual charger holder in a variety of colors to blend in your office or home aesthetic.
Dimensions: 7 x 4.7 x 0.3 inches
Sold without the Apple MagSafe charger.

  • At LUCRIN Geneva, we protect our handcrafted leather products with cotton bags that mirror their quality. An eco-friendly and reusable alternative that is not only protective but also highly versatile.

    • Minimal packaging
    • Recyclable and reusable
    • Organic raw materials
    • Low environmental impact
  • packaging
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Perfekte Synthese von Funktionalität und Eleganz
Weniger ist mehr: Das minimalistische Design fügt sich unaufdringlich in den Wohnbereich ein und ist inzwischen zum unverzichtbaren "Parkplatz" für Apple Watch und iPhone geworden.
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