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  1. We all share a common trait - we are different. Hence, we bring to you various different types of leather cases for the iPhone X. More than mere choice of colors and leather textures, LUCRIN allows you to choose from a diverse set of iPhone X phone cases from which everyone may find their pick. From the simple back cover to the wallet case and, of course, our all time bestseller, the slim case, we guarantee you a phone case which will be a perfect fit for you and your smartphone. Discover our collection of unique cases which you may further customize with subtle text engravings and/or bold contrasting thread colors.

  2. iPhone X Cover iPhone X Cover #bot[sku: ET2384,id:104032]

    iPhone X Cover ET2384

    Elegance and simplicity are the key elements of this rigid cover for iPhone X. This protective case is covered in leather and protect your smartphone .. Learn More
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  3. Classic Case for iPhone X Classic Case for iPhone X #bot[sku: ET2380,id:103692]

    Classic Case for iPhone X ET2380

    This slim case is made for Apple aficionados who love their iPhone X especially for its legendary finesse. Our authentic leather pouch fits the sublim.. Learn More
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  4. iPhone X case with pull tab iPhone X case with pull tab #bot[sku: ET2381,id:103932]

    iPhone X case with pull tab ET2381

    By far the Best Of when it comes to the collection of leather cases for iPhone X by Lucrin. Its intelligent pull tab allows a quick, easy and elegant .. Learn More
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  5. Zipped pouch for iPhone X Zipped pouch for iPhone X #bot[sku: ET2382,id:103728]

    Zipped pouch for iPhone X ET2382

    More than a simple case for iPhone X, this small wallet for iPhone is a favorite of many of our Apple accessories clients. Besides offering elegant pr.. Learn More
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  6. Belt case for iPhone X Belt case for iPhone X #bot[sku: ET2339-4,id:104072]

    Belt case for iPhone X ET2339-4 In Stock Deliver in 2 days

    For those who are often on site or on the move, the belt case for iPhone X is probably the most suited. Always handy on your belt, you will not have a.. Learn More
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  7. AirPods case AirPods case #bot[sku: PM2089,id:101078]

    AirPods case PM2089

    You have the latest AirPods and you want to keep them as new as you got them? Here is the perfect leather AirPods case to protect your Apple earphones.. Learn More
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  8. Pouch for Apple charger Pouch for Apple charger #bot[sku: ET2316,id:84638]

    Pouch for Apple charger ET2316 In Stock Deliver in 2 days

    It always seems to be hard to find a way and a place to carry chargers for MacBook Pro 15 et 13", Air, 12-inches, iPad Pro, Air, Mini and all iPhones .. Learn More
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7 Item(s)