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Winter gloves for women HA2001
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  • Winter gloves for women
  • Winter gloves for women
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This product comes with a protective soft microfiber pouch.


To get the required size for your gloves, use a measuring tape. Make sure that you take the measurement around the hand joints (that is, where the diameter is the largest) while omitting the thumb and without tightening the tape - as illustrated in the image.

Table of Sizes
Size cm Inches
6.5 17.5 cm 6.9"
7 19.0 cm 7.5"
7.5 20.0 cm 7.9"
8 21.5 cm 8.5"
8.5 23.0 cm 9.1"
9 24.0 cm 9.4"
9.5 25.5 cm 10"
10 27.0 cm 10.6"

Note: If you hesitate between two sizes, always consider the bigger one.

See all leather/color combinations for Winter gloves for women

  • Winter gloves for women - Aqua - Smooth Lamb Smooth Lamb / Aqua
  • Winter gloves for women - Beige - Smooth Lamb Smooth Lamb / Off-White
  • Winter gloves for women - Navy Blue - Smooth Lamb Smooth Lamb / Navy Blue
  • Winter gloves for women - Fuchsia  - Smooth Lamb Smooth Lamb / Fuchsia
  • Winter gloves for women - Brown - Smooth Lamb Smooth Lamb / Brown
  • Winter gloves for women - Black - Smooth Lamb Smooth Lamb / Black
  • Winter gloves for women - Olive-Green - Smooth Lamb Smooth Lamb / Olive-Green
  • Winter gloves for women - Orange - Smooth Lamb Smooth Lamb / Orange
  • Winter gloves for women - Red - Smooth Lamb Smooth Lamb / Red
  • Winter gloves for women - Dark Taupe - Smooth Lamb Smooth Lamb / Dark Taupe
  • Winter gloves for women - Tan - Suede Lamb Suede Lamb / Tan
  • Winter gloves for women - Dark Taupe - Suede Lamb Suede Lamb / Dark Taupe
  • Winter gloves for women - Light Green - Suede Lamb Suede Lamb / Light Green
Product Description

Designed with a cashmere interior these winter gloves for women, will keep your hands from the freezing cold of winter, its color-matching stitches as well as its slit at wrist level allows you to wear the leather gloves without much trouble.
Made in the pure tradition of winter gloves for women, you will definitely add a distinguished note to your looks, ladies - thanks to the genuine leather.

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What a wonderful service: the right product in the right type of leather in the right colour, simply great!
The new checkbook cover is beautiful and the perfect size. Thank you very much for your efforts.

Amy Pollock
Amy Pollock
Excellent service and packing
A. Wood
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