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  1. The backpack is now a highlight of luggage and bags. We propose the full leather chic version for your weekend adventures or for your daily use. Stand out from the customary cloth backpacks and discover the unique feeling to carry a leather bag on the back, that perfectly fits the shape of your body. Bring in your personal touch with a customization option, to make your backpack absolutely unique.

  2. LX1003_VCGR_NRR LX1003_VCGR_NRR
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    Backpack LX1003

    Featuring this magnificent pure smooth leather Backpack for a casual wear or even for business affairs. The design shows attention to details and perf.. Learn More
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  3. Small Backpack Small Backpack #bot[sku: BG1073,id:100424]

    Small Backpack BG1073

    Small backpack in full-grain leather. It is very practical, and has several pockets: 1 front pocket with a gusset measuring 9.1x5.5x1.2 inches, a fron.. Learn More
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  4. Large backpack Large backpack #bot[sku: BG2017,id:100425]

    Large backpack BG2017

    This leather backpack that will accompany you during all your travels. Large and round-shaped, this bag gives a pleasant feeling when carried since th.. Learn More
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  5. Trendy Backpack Trendy Backpack #bot[sku: BG1003,id:60334]

    Trendy Backpack BG1003

    Lucrin presents one of the favourites of the ladies in terms of bag: the leather Trendy Backpack. Made in the same authentic full-grain leather that w.. Learn More
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