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iPhone 4 case with flap FR1011

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  • iPhone 4 case with flap
  • iPhone 4 case with flap
  • iPhone 4 case with flap
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  • iPhone 4 case with flap - Red - Granulated Leather Granulated Leather/Red
  • iPhone 4 case with flap - Burgundy - Smooth Leather Smooth Leather/Burgundy
  • iPhone 4 case with flap - Fuchsia  - Smooth Leather Smooth Leather/Fuchsia
  • iPhone 4 case with flap - Mouse-Grey - Smooth Leather Smooth Leather/Mouse-Grey
  • iPhone 4 case with flap - Yellow - Smooth Leather Smooth Leather/Yellow
  • iPhone 4 case with flap - Brown - Smooth Leather Smooth Leather/Brown
  • iPhone 4 case with flap - Black - Smooth Leather Smooth Leather/Black
  • iPhone 4 case with flap - Natural - Smooth Leather Smooth Leather/Natural
  • iPhone 4 case with flap - Orange - Smooth Leather Smooth Leather/Orange
  • iPhone 4 case with flap - Red - Smooth Leather Smooth Leather/Red
  • iPhone 4 case with flap - Dark Taupe - Smooth Leather Smooth Leather/Dark Taupe
  • iPhone 4 case with flap - Light Green - Smooth Leather Smooth Leather/Light Green
  • iPhone 4 case with flap - Dark Green - Smooth Leather Smooth Leather/Dark Green
Product Description

This high quality natural Leather Case for iPhone 4 offers a fitted design and second skin while providing solid protection. The velour interior provides soft, cushiony padding and keeps your screen clean and smear-free.  

This case is available in a wide range of colors, so it will complement any item in your wardrobe. Small enough to fit into your pocket or bag, this stylish accessory can go with you anywhere.

Note: There is no hole or any opening for the camera of this model.

Material: many varieties of leather are available (see tab colors)
Colors: many colors are available (see tab colors)
Inside: velvet fabric
Transport: slips easily into a pocket or a bag

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Customer Reviews

A very fast and efficient service, thank you. The iPhone 5 cover is great, just what I wanted. At first the fit was very tight, however after just a day it stretched a little and is now a perfect fit! The leather is very soft and smooth and the fuchsia pink is not too bright, looks good with the white iPhone!
Victoria Hobday
I would like to commend the quality of the fine leather desk blotters; they are beautifully crafted.
Service has been swift and efficient.
Thank you.
Yours sincerely,
Jill Blackford Brown
Brown Jill
That was worth waiting for! Beautifully made and works wonderfully. Many thanks! Dave
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