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Desk pad 29.5x17.7 inches OS1179

  • Desk pad 29.5x17.7 inches
  • Desk pad 29.5x17.7 inches
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This product comes with a protective soft microfiber pouch.

See all leather/color combinations for Desk pad 29.5x17.7 inches

  • Desk pad 29.5x17.7 inches - Burgundy - Smooth Leather Smooth Leather/Burgundy
  • Desk pad 29.5x17.7 inches - White - Smooth Leather Smooth Leather/White
  • Desk pad 29.5x17.7 inches - Royal Blue - Smooth Leather Smooth Leather/Royal Blue
  • Desk pad 29.5x17.7 inches - Fuchsia  - Smooth Leather Smooth Leather/Fuchsia
  • Desk pad 29.5x17.7 inches - Mouse-Grey - Smooth Leather Smooth Leather/Mouse-Grey
  • Desk pad 29.5x17.7 inches - Yellow - Smooth Leather Smooth Leather/Yellow
  • Desk pad 29.5x17.7 inches - Brown - Smooth Leather Smooth Leather/Brown
  • Desk pad 29.5x17.7 inches - Black - Smooth Leather Smooth Leather/Black
  • Desk pad 29.5x17.7 inches - Natural - Smooth Leather Smooth Leather/Natural
  • Desk pad 29.5x17.7 inches - Orange - Smooth Leather Smooth Leather/Orange
  • Desk pad 29.5x17.7 inches - Red - Smooth Leather Smooth Leather/Red
  • Desk pad 29.5x17.7 inches - Pink - Smooth Leather Smooth Leather/Pink
  • Desk pad 29.5x17.7 inches - Light Taupe - Smooth Leather Smooth Leather/Light Taupe
  • Desk pad 29.5x17.7 inches - Dark Taupe - Smooth Leather Smooth Leather/Dark Taupe
  • Desk pad 29.5x17.7 inches - Purple - Smooth Leather Smooth Leather/Purple
  • Desk pad 29.5x17.7 inches - Light Green - Smooth Leather Smooth Leather/Light Green
  • Desk pad 29.5x17.7 inches - Dark Green - Smooth Leather Smooth Leather/Dark Green
Product Description
Lucrin can customise the leather desk pad in a huge variety of colours and leather textures, which can makes it a perfect fit for any business environment; no matter the colour texture used in the office.

Size:75 cm x 45 cm
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Customer Reviews

Today I’ve received my order, I’m satisfied with my products and I thank you and all your team.
I have just received my replacement red leather backpack, and i am absolutely delighted with it! Thank you so much for the exchange of colour. This bag is exquisitely made and i shall treasure it forever.
I am a very happy customer,
N. roberts
The two-tone tidy tray is a good, very smart product, but I have to say that the mustard colour is not at all what I was expecting. We all know that colours may look very different on a computer, but the photos show a very bright shade, and the description of yellow, as opposed to mustard, is also misleading. Everything else about the product is highly satisfactory.
Philippa Langley
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