Mouse Pads

  1. The leather mouse pads of Lucrin are all conceived in full-grain authentic smooth leather, which is absolutely perfect for your mouse. The surface is accurately uniform, allowing your mouse to glide on it easily. Gamers love the product! Furthermore, these are high end mouse mats that will last for really long, compared to the synthetic or plastic ones. Underneath, there is a premium microfiber surface that is delicately sewn so as to provide added protection to your table’s surface.

  2. Soft Mouse Mat Soft Mouse Mat

    Soft Mouse Mat OS1105 In Stock Two-Day Delivery

    Made in genuine soft leather, this soft mouse mat is ideal for those who use a mouse rather than the tactile pen tablet. The suppleness of the leather.. Learn More
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  3. Rectangular Mouse Pad Rectangular Mouse Pad

    Rectangular Mouse Pad OS1010 In Stock Two-Day Delivery

    The rectangular mouse pad by Lucrin is an elegant office accessory that protects your table’s surface while providing a soft support to your mouse mov.. Learn More
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  4. Round mouse pad Round mouse pad

    Round mouse pad OS1130 In Stock Two-Day Delivery

    This round mouse pad boasts of a superior line of finishing, making it a absolutely luxurious leather product. Made with the finest authentic leather,.. Learn More
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