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  1. Discover the selection of Lucrin pen holders made in authentic leather, and coming in square or round shape. There is the jumbo size pens holder that comes with 3 main separations – ideal to store your crayons, paper knife or pens. These leather pens holders definitely add a great touch of elegance and tidiness to your office space. Furthermore, thanks to their relatively large base, you are sure to find those really stable and they will not get toppled over easily as it is often the case with other pen pots. Obviously, you can also go for our other office accessories to create a homogeneous desk set. The Lucrin pen holder can also be a nice luxury gift that you can even customise with the different engraving options available.

  2. Round Pen Holder Round Pen Holder

    Round Pen Holder OS1022 In Stock Deliver in 2 days

    Here is the round pens holder of Lucrin, proposed in premium authentic leather, and ideal at the office or at home to keep your pencils and pens. Its .. Learn More
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  3. Wooden Square Pen Holder Wooden Square Pen Holder

    Wooden Square Pen Holder OS1028 In Stock Deliver in 2 days

    This wonderful pen holder has basically a square design wooden skeleton, which is covered with premium authentic leather. Thanks to its relatively lar.. Learn More
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  4. Large Round Pen Caddy Large Round Pen Caddy

    Large Round Pen Caddy OS1136

    This pen holder is meant for those who use many colour pencils or markers for their daily tasks or for their hobbies. The relatively large volume of t.. Learn More
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  5. Pen Tray Pen Tray

    Pen Tray OS1216

    Prime quality leather pen tray. This tray for 3 pens blends in perfectly with all our office articles; it is the ideal complement for blotters. Maximu.. Learn More
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