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A6 Notepad OS1081

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  • A6 Notepad
  • A6 Notepad
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This product comes with a protective soft microfiber pouch.

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  • A6 Notepad - Burgundy - Granulated Leather Granulated Leather/Burgundy
  • A6 Notepad - Navy Blue - Granulated Leather Granulated Leather/Navy Blue
  • A6 Notepad - White - Granulated Leather Granulated Leather/White
  • A6 Notepad - Royal Blue - Granulated Leather Granulated Leather/Royal Blue
  • A6 Notepad - Off-White - Granulated Leather Granulated Leather/Off-White
  • A6 Notepad - Tan - Granulated Leather Granulated Leather/Tan
  • A6 Notepad - Mouse-Grey - Granulated Leather Granulated Leather/Mouse-Grey
  • A6 Notepad - Brown - Granulated Leather Granulated Leather/Brown
  • A6 Notepad - Black - Granulated Leather Granulated Leather/Black
  • A6 Notepad - Orange - Granulated Leather Granulated Leather/Orange
  • A6 Notepad - Red - Granulated Leather Granulated Leather/Red
  • A6 Notepad - Light Taupe - Granulated Leather Granulated Leather/Light Taupe
  • A6 Notepad - Dark Taupe - Granulated Leather Granulated Leather/Dark Taupe
  • A6 Notepad - Purple - Granulated Leather Granulated Leather/Purple
  • A6 Notepad - Fuchsia  - Granulated Leather Granulated Leather/Fuchsia
  • A6 Notepad - Burgundy - Smooth Leather Smooth Leather/Burgundy
  • A6 Notepad - Navy Blue - Smooth Leather Smooth Leather/Navy Blue
  • A6 Notepad - White - Smooth Leather Smooth Leather/White
  • A6 Notepad - Royal Blue - Smooth Leather Smooth Leather/Royal Blue
  • A6 Notepad - Off-White - Smooth Leather Smooth Leather/Off-White
  • A6 Notepad - Fuchsia  - Smooth Leather Smooth Leather/Fuchsia
  • A6 Notepad - Mouse-Grey - Smooth Leather Smooth Leather/Mouse-Grey
  • A6 Notepad - Yellow - Smooth Leather Smooth Leather/Yellow
  • A6 Notepad - Brown - Smooth Leather Smooth Leather/Brown
  • A6 Notepad - Black - Smooth Leather Smooth Leather/Black
  • A6 Notepad - Natural - Smooth Leather Smooth Leather/Natural
  • A6 Notepad - Orange - Smooth Leather Smooth Leather/Orange
  • A6 Notepad - Red - Smooth Leather Smooth Leather/Red
  • A6 Notepad - Pink - Smooth Leather Smooth Leather/Pink
  • A6 Notepad - Light Taupe - Smooth Leather Smooth Leather/Light Taupe
  • A6 Notepad - Dark Taupe - Smooth Leather Smooth Leather/Dark Taupe
  • A6 Notepad - Purple - Smooth Leather Smooth Leather/Purple
  • A6 Notepad - Light Green - Smooth Leather Smooth Leather/Light Green
  • A6 Notepad - Dark Green - Smooth Leather Smooth Leather/Dark Green
  • A6 Notepad - Sky Blue - Smooth Lamb Smooth Lamb/Sky Blue
  • A6 Notepad - Black - Smooth Lamb Smooth Lamb/Black
Product Description

Lucrin puts forward this A6-Format Notepad - a regular and really useful accessory for the office. Made up with genuine leather, it encloses 120 A6 pages, which make it very handy if you need to make quick notes. You can also make good use of this leather notepad at home, whether to jot down phone numbers or recipes. The A6 sheets form a block which is not glued to the leather support. Thus, you may easily replace a full block with a new refill, also made available by Lucrin.

Size closed: 6.5 x 4.5 inches

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Customer Reviews

Thanks Team Lucrin, an excellent result
Watson Ronald
Bought a leather case for my Nokia Lumia 925 eighteen months ago. The quality of the leather is such that even now it looks like new, despite having got wet on a couple of occasions when rain has soaked into my pocket whilst walking the dogs.
Dean Bryant
The slip case I ordered for my phone is of exceptional quality. Almost a year later and the fine grain leather, stitching and soft inner lining are all standing the test of time and wear remarkably well, I expect it to do so for longer than I will likely keep the phone. I always have an keen eye for a good buy, by that I don't necessarily mean a low price. An item in everyday use that is a pleasure to handle and use satisfies me far more than reminiscing that I saved a little money at the time of purchase. The only criticisms, minor though they are: a/ I wasn't expecting LUCRIN in silver across the black leather and would have preferred it plain, maybe this was an option I didn't spot? Whilst advertising your name is maybe important I think word of mouth is far more relevant. b/ I took a small hole punch to the case to make the speaker/ringer more audible. Rest assured that when I next replace my mobile phone I will be returning for a new case.
Chas Wilder
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