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  1. The writing pads proposed by Lucrin are made with top of the line authentic leather. The note pads are available in different models and sizes and there is even room for credit cards, while some of those are accompanied with a pretty useful pencil. Those leather writing pads may prove to be very practical during press conferences, cultural outings or meetings – to jot down ideas, reminders, important information and comments. Thanks to their relatively small size, these leather notepads may easily get in any pocket or briefcase. You can even opt for a customized one if you are looking for an original gift. Various personalisation options are proposed by LUCRIN: engraving of initials, date or name, for example.

  2. Small writing pad (4.3" x 2.8") Small writing pad (4.3" x 2.8") #bot[sku: PM1020,id:61437]

    Small writing pad (4.3" x 2.8") PM1020 In Stock Deliver in 2 days

    This writing pad, which is really not bulky in terms of size, is ideal to jot down notes, thoughts or phone numbers. On one side, you have the basic w.. Learn More
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  3. Luxury pocket note pad Luxury pocket note pad #bot[sku: PM1034,id:61423]

    Luxury pocket note pad PM1034

    Pocket-sized note pad in full grain leather. Inside 2 pockets on the left, one for business cards and one large vertical passport format. On the right.. Learn More
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  4. Pocket note pad (5.2" x 3.3") Pocket note pad (5.2" x 3.3") #bot[sku: PM2054,id:77585]

    Pocket note pad (5.2" x 3.3") PM2054 In Stock Deliver in 2 days

    This pocket writing pad of relatively large format is ideal for meetings or press conferences. It is conceived in premium authentic leather, and the s.. Learn More
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  5. ROS1020-001 ROS1020-001 #bot[sku: ROS1020,id:85619]

    Writing pad refill ROS1020

    If you own a LUCRIN writing pad, you will eventually run out of paper. Refill your leather notepads with this paper refill which would perfectly fit i.. Learn More
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  6. ROS2054 ROS2054 #bot[sku: ROS2054,id:89177]

    Refill for large writing pads (PM2054 & PM1034) ROS2054

    Refill made in white ivory paper annotated with the LUCRIN Geneva logo. Available for the following writing pads: PM2054 PM1034 Sold in 4 booklets .. Learn More
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5 Item(s)