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For 1 pen

  1. Do you have a special pen or mechanical pencil that you have received as gift or a long-time favourite pen? You may well want to protect it from scratches and any damage, and Lucrin has the perfect accessory to cater for that. Find a line of classy cases for 1 pen made with high quality leather. The pen holders come in different models (simple format, with zipped or magnetic closure, etc.) and may please any taste and needs. Furthermore, there is a large palette of colours and leather types and all the leather pen holders are customizable. You can choose to engrave your name or initials on the case for a unique product for personal use, as a gift or as a corporate gift.

  2. Pen Holder Pen Holder

    Pen Holder OS1018 Deliver in 2 days

    This leather case for one pen is ideal to store or carry your favourite pen. Its interior microfiber lining provides optimum protection to the pen. It.. Learn More
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  3. Single-pen zip-up case Single-pen zip-up case

    Single-pen zip-up case OS1144 Deliver in 2 days

    Single-pen zip-up case.Elegant zip-up case for a single pen.Stretchable flap for holding the pen, so suits small-, medium- and large-diameter pens equ.. Learn More
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  4. Notched Single Pen Sleeve Notched Single Pen Sleeve

    Notched Single Pen Sleeve OS1238

    This elegant single pen sleeve is suitable for a pen with a maximum diameter of 13 mm and length of 14 cm. Crafted from full-grain leather, the non-vi.. Learn More
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  5. Single Pen Sleeve Single Pen Sleeve

    Single Pen Sleeve OS1141

    It's often said; the simplest products are the most popular, like this single pen sleeve from Lucrin. The simple, clean lines mold perfectly to yo.. Learn More
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  6. Luxury Box for Pens Luxury Box for Pens

    Luxury Box for Pens OS2037

    Luxury Box for Pens. Meant for your most coveted pen or your favourite pencils, this beautiful luxury box is made in authentic leather. This case will.. Learn More
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