Apple leather accessories

Premium quality, elegant and protective

Lucrin has specialized itself in the design and crafting of refined leather accessories for Apple products. All of our leather pouches and sleeves are put together by skilled artisans to fit your device perfectly, whether it is an iPhone, MacBook, iPod or iPad. Our protective leather cases are designed to act as a second skin to the smartphone, tablet or laptop.

We have even updated our catalogue to cater for the famous brand's earphones and charger. Thanks to the impressive array of colors and leather types proposed by LUCRIN, you will undoubtedly find the perfect leather accessory which will enhance the elegant feel of this piece of technological ingenuity created by Apple.

Madame est en ville

New collection

The Retro Style designer bags

In line with the retro style when it comes to their shape and design, the bags of the Madame Est En Ville collection are first and foremost feminine, pretty and urban - the soft feel of the leather, the exquisite finishing and the sensuality that the bag offers when you slip your hand through the leather band for a chic and fashion carry.

Clutch bag


Evening clutch bag


Sling bag


Fashion bags with the Pin Stripe signature