General Conditions of Sale

  1. General information
  2. Characteristics of an article
  3. Delivery
  4. Price
  5. Terms of payment and security
  6. Data protection
  7. Acceptance of the order
  8. Invoicing and confirmation
  9. Return policy
  10. Legal property

1. General information

The order made by the customer implies his/her acceptance of the present GCS in their entirety. The contract for the sale of articles by Internet is entered into between Lucrin USA INC (hereafter referred to as "Lucrin") - and the customer. The customer confirms that he/she has the capacity to enter into a contract with Lucrin on the basis of the GCS shown on the website Lucrin.COM (hereafter referred to as "our website"). These GCS will prevail over any other condition stated on our website.

2. Characteristics of an article

All our articles are products of quality. The articles are sold with no other guarantee than that of the manufacturer. We do our best to ensure that the colors are represented as accurately as possible. However slight differences in color may be noted between the article and the one received, in particular because of the compression of the images for the Internet.

3. Delivery

The cost of the delivery are 7.98 USD for any city in USA. In order to provide the customer with a fast and efficient mail order service, our articles are generally dispatched within 7 to 10 working days to the address indicated. The shipment is done by FEDEX.

4. Price

The prices of the invoiced items are those that are in effect on the date of the order and that are shown on the order confirmation. The prices are inclusive of FL sales taxes for deliveries made in Florida as our company is based in this State. All other deliveries made in other states the sales tax will be ZERO.

5. Terms Of Payment And Security

When the purchaser orders an article on our website, all the payments carried out are secured. Lucrin uses the following payment systems :

  • by credit card Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover
  • wire transfer
  • by Paypal

This integrated system on our website is entirely protected via the Gateway server, with certificate of authentication. Confidential data (customer identification and credit card numbers) are stored only by banking partners on highly protected servers. Lucrin does not store any confidential data of customers that order on the Lucrin websites.

6. Data Protection

The customer gives his/her consent that the personal data that was provided within the framework of the contractual relationship with Lucrin is safeguarded by Lucrin. The customer’s personal details are stored solely with the aim of facilitating the purchase of new articles by the customer and to ensure that the transaction runs smoothly. The personal data relating to the customer are treated confidentially and safeguarded. In no way is this data transmitted to any third parties except the delivery address to Fedex.

7. Acceptance Of The Order

The order is accepted as soon as it has been received and validated. When sending the order, the customer automatically confirms that he/she has read and accepted the general conditions of sale. In the event of exceptional circumstances, in particular insolvency or incorrect information, Lucrin reserves the right to refuse or accept the order from a customer.

8. Invoicing And Confirmation

Each customer will receive an order confirmation by e-mail and then by Fedex along with the order when the goods are dispatched.

9. Return Policy

The customer has a right to return the article within 10 days of receipt at his/her residence. If the customer is not fully satisfied, he/she has the option of returning the goods at his/her own expense in perfect condition in their original packaging. In addition, should the article unfortunately arrive at the customer’s home in poor condition, Lucrin will be happy to exchange it. All that needs to be done is to return the damaged article with an official report from Fedex.

Please always fill the return sheet before sending back the items. You need to have a return number before return.

10. Legal Property

The goods remain the property of Lucrin until paid in full. These GCS, together with the contracts concluded in its application are governed by American law. The court of jurisdiction in the event of litigation is Florida.

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