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  1. Lucrin sells a selection of small leather goods for men and women. These genuine leather products will be your constant companions for years on end. Our small leather accessories are the epitome of understated elegance, made from top-quality leather in eminently practical designs. Most, if not all, of our products can be customized for a truly unique finish. Here, you will undoubtedly find your new daily companion or a special gift for your dear one. Why not take a closer look at our small leather goods range?

  2. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge case with pull-up strap Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge case with pull-up strap #bot[sku: ET2337-2,id:99868]

    Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge case with pull-up strap ET2337-2 In Stock Deliver in 2 days

    Designed with a very handy pull-up strap at the back of the pouch, this Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge case has been tailored for a perfect fit of your smartp.. Learn More
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  3. Soft case for glasses Soft case for glasses #bot[sku: PM1253,id:61225]

    Soft case for glasses PM1253

    This soft pouch for glasses is ideal for your glasses or sunglasses. Thanks to its gusset, this glasses’ soft bag comes with a flap closure coupled wi.. Learn More
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  4. Travel currencies case Travel currencies case #bot[sku: PM1016,id:61441]

    Travel currencies case PM1016

    Often, on our return journey from foreign countries, we find ourselves rummaging through several currency types to find the money we need. This leathe.. Learn More
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  5. ROS1020-001 ROS1020-001 #bot[sku: ROS1020,id:85619]

    Writing pad refill ROS1020

    If you own a LUCRIN writing pad, you will eventually run out of paper. Refill your leather notepads with this paper refill which would perfectly fit i.. Learn More
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  6. 2 cigar case 2 cigar case #bot[sku: FC1002,id:60429]

    2 cigar case FC1002 In Stock Deliver in 2 days

    Sharing a cigar with a friend is still a privilege. Offer your friend a cigar that you have already carefully stored in our two cigar case. This natur.. Learn More
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  7. 3 cigar case 3 cigar case #bot[sku: FC1003,id:60428]

    3 cigar case FC1003

    This cigar case is made for those who appreciate a truly fine cigar. This relatively compact three cigar case is crafted from 100% natural leather and.. Learn More
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  8. ROS2054 ROS2054 #bot[sku: ROS2054,id:89177]

    Refill for large writing pads (PM2054 & PM1034) ROS2054

    Refill made in white ivory paper annotated with the LUCRIN Geneva logo. Available for the following writing pads: PM2054 PM1034 Sold in 4 booklets .. Learn More
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  9. 4 cigar case 4 cigar case #bot[sku: FC1004,id:60427]

    4 cigar case FC1004

    Going away for the weekend or a vacation? Then bring along your four favorite cigars in this beautiful luxury leather slotted case. Although it holds .. Learn More
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  10. Single cigar case Single cigar case #bot[sku: FC1001,id:60430]

    Single cigar case FC1001

    Planning an evening among friends that will include a fine after dinner cigar? If so, this individual cigar case is the essential accessory for you. W.. Learn More
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  11. Travel watch case Travel watch case #bot[sku: HB1003,id:60284]

    Travel watch case HB1003 In Stock Deliver in 2 days

    All luxury watch lovers like switching between their precious watches to match their outfit or merely on a whim. This gorgeous round leather case has .. Learn More
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  12. Watch and jewellery pouch Watch and jewellery pouch #bot[sku: HB1035,id:60369]

    Watch and jewellery pouch HB1035

    Watch and jewellery pouch. Pouch, all leather both outside and inside, ideal for jewellery. Leather loop fastening. On the right, a separate compartme.. Learn More
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  13. Cushion for women watch Cushion for women watch #bot[sku: HB1031,id:60372]

    Cushion for women watch HB1031

    Cushion for a female watch. Made of full grain leather. Cushion for a watch. Very practical to display a watch on a window for example.width: 6.9 inch.. Learn More
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  14. Cushion for men watch Cushion for men watch #bot[sku: HB1030,id:60373]

    Cushion for men watch HB1030

    Cushion for a male watch. Made of full grain leather. Very practical to display a watch on a window for example. Diameter 7.5 inches. Width 1.4 inches.
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  15. Travel jewelry roll Travel jewelry roll #bot[sku: HB1008,id:60395]

    Travel jewelry roll HB1008

    Organize and carry your jewelry discreetly and stylishly with this travel jewelry roll. This jewelry and watch roll is crafted from genuine leather. T.. Learn More
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  16. Flat travel pocket Flat travel pocket #bot[sku: BG1063,id:60740]

    Flat travel pocket BG1063

    Flat zipped travel pocket in premium quality leather with handle attachment fixed to the pocket by a metal catch. Closes with two-tone instant clasp. .. Learn More
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