Travel Wallets

During travels, we are often asked to present our passport, air ticket or boarding pass, at many points before getting on the plane. With our luxury travel wallets, you will be able to keep everything safely in a single place: your boarding passes, passport, loyalty cards, VIP/Lounge access cards, and so on. Our leather travel pouches are really practical come the end of your travel or when checking out of the hotel, as you will be able to find all your relevant documents in one elegant accessory. You will thus be better prepared for your next trip. Many of our customers use these travel wallets as daily companion, as clutch or purse. You may even customize the product with your initials or your name.

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  1. Smooth Leather
  2. Granulated Leather
  3. Goat Leather
  4. Crocodile style calfskin
  5. Metallic Leather
  6. Vegetable Tanned Leather
  7. Safiano
  1. Black
  2. Dark Brown
  3. Navy Blue
  4. Burgundy
  5. Mouse-Grey
  6. Dark Taupe
  7. Light Taupe
  8. Royal Blue
  9. Turquoise
  10. Dark Green
  11. Light Green
  12. Tan
  13. Orange
  14. Red
  15. Fuchsia
  16. Pink
  17. Off-White
  18. White
  19. Golden
  20. Silver
  21. Natural
  22. Purple
  23. Camel
  24. Navy Blue-Burgundy
  25. Fuchsia-Orange
  26. Pink-Dark Taupe
  27. Saffron-Light Taupe
  28. Off-White-Mouse-Grey
  29. Heart
  30. Sun Yellow
  1. Travel wallet
    Travel wallet
  2. Zipped travel wallet
    Zipped travel wallet
  3. 18-Compartment card case
    18-Compartment card case
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