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Luxurious Pen Accessories

For the love of writing.

The digital world has been gathering pace for years, but many of us still cannot get enough of the classics - pens and pencils. We tend to have that favorite pen that we would love to carefully keep in the leather pen case of the Lucrin collection - ranging from the simple one to the 4 pens case. Besides, there are the pencil kits and pen holders for all kinds of writing instruments. These luxury office products are available in many authentic leathers and colors - totally customizable - a beautiful and unique engraving for instance.

Pen Cases

Made for one and up to 4 pens, the leather pen cases all have that soft microfiber lining that protects your favorite writing instruments. Keep your pen/s safely tucked in one of the soft pen holders and slip it in your suit or bag pocket. Simple and sleek - your pen has found a neat home.

Zipped Cases

Another sleek way to carry and protect your pens - the zipped case in leather. Proposed for 2, 3 or 4 pens, these sublime cases keep your precious pens securely. The high-end leather exterior coupled with the soft microfiber interior symbolize the care shown to your writing instruments. You can customize your zipped pen case with a unique engraving or a contrasting thread color.

Pencil Pouches

The pencil pouch reminds us of our school years, having accompanied us on our desks and in our bags. Here is a fine collection of authentic leather pencil cases for your pen, pencils and stationery. Architects, designers, artists and all the creative minds will love having their writing and drawing instruments neatly tucked in their own pencil kit. They can even go further by picking one of the many customization options available: for instance, engraving and contrasting thread color.

Pen Holders

Markers, highlighters, coloring pencils, pens, pencils will all find the perfect home in a pen caddy. Our pen holders are made in leather and come with a decent base that gives it proper balance on your work desk. Available in a wide range of colors and leathers, the pen holders are more than just functional - they blend perfectly in your office décor. There is also a pen tray designed ideally for minimalists who use only up to 3 pens.

Pen Trays

We have included an extra pen slot option on all products that may require a pen holder. There are also leather pockets in some, which may contain more than one pen. The pen loops are all extensible so as to fit almost all sizes. Even our best-selling desk pads may get its own pen slot for added functionality.


LUCRIN Geneva brings forth a collection of original writing instruments and accessories to fuel your passion for writing. Our splendid line includes a ballpoint pen, rollerball pen and fountain pen. These writing instruments let you express your thoughts seamlessly on paper. Delivered in luxury leather cases, they will make a lasting impression during meetings and interviews. Discover, also, a range of complementary luxurious leather pen accessories to store, protect and carry your collectables.