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Lucrin proposes a large selection of elegant and practical office leather products, such as this exclusive collection of customizable paper trays, hard to find on the market. Conceived in authentic premium leather, they are designed with a rigid wood structure that gives these document trays excellent durability and stability. The sheathing in leather is performed by our very best artisans to ensure that you get a finish of the very highest order. Some of these letter trays can be placed on top of each other, thus giving the illusion of having leather paper drawers. Elegantly organize your stationery in our unique desk organizer. Your scattering memo paper can be neatly stacked in our leather memo paper holder. Also, discover a couple of models of letter holders, in which you can classify your mail. Furthermore, these leather paper trays are available in different formats: A4, A5 and A6.

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    A4 paper tray

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    As low as $179.25
    Regular Price $239.00
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    A4 Letter tray

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    As low as $216.75
    Regular Price $289.00
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    A4 Office Paper Tray

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    As low as $339.00
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    A6 Prescription Holder

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    As low as $119.00
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    Letters or envelopes holder

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    As low as $179.25
    Regular Price $239.00
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    Letter opener

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    As low as $399.00
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    Box for business cards

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    As low as $81.75
    Regular Price $109.00
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    Business cards box

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    As low as $95.00
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