Passport Holder

Travel in First Class.

It may be really unpleasant to present a used up or dirty passport at the customs during your travels or during registration processes. Our leather passport covers & luggage tag provide a solution to that issue, by protecting your passport throughout its validity period. These LUCRIN passport holders made in authentic premium leather are of universal size, and can thus welcome all the world’s passports. You can take your pick among an exclusive selection, ranging from the simple one to the luxury passport design that allows you to store other travel essentials: boarding pass, credit cards, flight companies’ loyalty cards, currency, and so on. You can thus have everything handy while you go through all the different processes during your travels. All these passport pouches are available in various colors and leather types. Each member of a family can choose one color for instance, and even get his initials engraved so as to make each leather passport protective cover absolutely unique.

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  1. Smooth Leather
  2. Granulated Leather
  3. Goat Leather
  4. Crocodile style calfskin
  5. Metallic Leather
  6. Vegetable Tanned Leather
  7. Safiano
  1. Black
  2. Dark Brown
  3. Navy Blue
  4. Burgundy
  5. Mouse-Grey
  6. Dark Taupe
  7. Light Taupe
  8. Royal Blue
  9. Turquoise
  10. Dark Green
  11. Light Green
  12. Tan
  13. Orange
  14. Red
  15. Fuchsia
  16. Pink
  17. Off-White
  18. White
  19. Golden
  20. Silver
  21. Natural
  22. Saffron
  23. Purple
  24. Sky Blue
  25. Camel
  26. Navy Blue-Burgundy
  27. Fuchsia-Orange
  28. Pink-Dark Taupe
  29. Off-White-Mouse-Grey
  30. Heart
  31. Sun Yellow
  32. Saffron-Dark Taupe
  1. Swiss passport holder
    Swiss passport holder
  2. American Passport Holder
    American Passport Holder
  3. French Passport Holder
    French Passport Holder
  4. British Passport Holder
    British Passport Holder
  5. German passport holder
    German passport holder
  6. Italian passport holder
    Italian passport holder
  7. Universal passport holder
    Universal passport holder
  8. Universal passport cover
    Universal passport cover
  9. Passport and loyalty cards holder
    Passport and loyalty cards holder
  10. Luxury passport holder
    Luxury passport holder
  11. Oval-shaped Luggage Tag
    Oval-shaped Luggage Tag
  12. Rectangular bag tag
    Rectangular bag tag
  13. Round Luggage Tag (3.5 inches)
    Round Luggage Tag (3.5 inches)
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13 Items

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