Leather-cotton blue belt 1.4 inches

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How to choose your belt's size?
A well adjusted belt is one which you fasten using the hole that is in the middle of the others. The length of an adjusted belt corresponds to the distance between the buckle's end and the middle hole - if you wish to wear the belt at hip level.
To measure your belt size, use a measuring tape. Go around your waist or hip, or wherever you want to wear your belt. Then, compare the measurement obtained to the proposed belt sizes - if the measurement result and size do not match, choose the larger size.
Premium Calf Leather
This luxury leather comes from young calves and is absolutely refined, soft and smooth. It boasts of distinct quality and a great touch feel.
Real ostrich
The authentic ostrich leather is a sublime material, known for its beauty, resistance and the prestige that it exudes. All these qualities make this leather a reference in terms of luxury leather goods. Authentic ostrich leather stands out due to its unusual design, specially its “pearly” surface that turns your product into a rare and unique one. Even if the surface does not have a smooth feel, it is a leather that is very soft, and it can be used for small to medium-sized products.
Smooth calfskin
The smooth calf leather is undeniably one of the most types of leather on the market. Lucrin artisans use Full-grain smooth leather, which vouches for the premium quality of the products. All the items of the catalogue are available in this soft material, which is proof of the calfskin’s versatility and elegance.
Granulated leather
Considered as one of the most liked leathers on the market, the granulated calf leather keeps its beautiful grains texture even after the tanning process. While running your fingers along the surface, you will feel a unique slightly roughened texture, which is interestingly in contrast with the softness of the leather. As all the leather types of the Lucrin catalogue, this so-called classic leather boasts of the same great quality and resistance.
Goat leather
Goat is the leather that is available in the widest range of colours on the Lucrin catalogue. Goat leather is one of the finest used in luxury leathercraft. It is slightly granulated and less soft than the calfskin leathers (smooth, granulated and metallic). Compared to the granulated leather, the goat version consists of grains that are closer together and less distinct visually.
Crocodile style
The crocodile style calf leather proposed by Lucrin is one of the most beautiful on the market. Products made in authentic croco leather are very expensive and this version is a fine alternative. The surface has a slight brilliance for a glamorous and trendy look, and the imitation of the scales are close to perfect.
Metallic leather
The metallic leather is basically smooth calfskin with a metallic finish. Products of all sizes can be made in this distinctive metallic leather, which is a favourite among ladies due to its fashion and trendy look, that make them stand out from the lot. It is available in several bright colours and is rarely found on the market.
Nubuck leather
This leather is inspired from the schoolbags and pencil cases of our childhood. Like in a sweets shop and coming in a sublime palette of light pastel colours, its texture has a velvety feel to it. Medium to small-sized products made with Nubuck have a rustic finish that goes in line with this fun, pop and happy leather.
Vegetable-tanned leather
For those who love luxury products, Lucrin presents its sumptuous vegetable-tanned leather. The natural vegetable tanning involves the process of the hides with natural tannic acids in plants, without the use of harmful chemicals.
Recycled leather
Recycled leather is obtained from natural leather offcuts. These are shredded and reconditioned to derive the recycled or regenerated leather. Relatively resistant, it will have the same texture as non-restored leather. This manufacture can be considered as recycling.
Product Information

Who does not like blue? This leather-cotton belt comes in this very popular color and in many different sizes. Whatever be the season or the style that you are adopting, it will add a definite touch of style and chic to your look. It is 1.4 inches wide and the perfect combination of woven cotton and full-grain leather adds to a silver-colored Italian buckle. This leather cotton belt is sublime gift idea too, as it may even be customized with initials, for example.
Kindly indicate your waist size in the comment section and our craftsmen will design it for a perfect fit.

  • Leather-cotton blue belt 1.4 inches
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