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  1. Leather briefcases are both elegant and practical and therefore, are very much sought after by professionals. Ideal for your business trips, Lucrin briefcases boasts of adequate compartments in which to store and carry your documents. This Lucrin briefcase will quickly become your work companion. Most of the models in our catalog are customizable by embossing them with your initials, your name or even a small quote of your choice. Get yourself a briefcase which reflect your personality!

  2. Travel briefcase Travel briefcase
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    Travel briefcase LX1016

    Lucrin's Designer Collection presents this unique granulated calfleather travel bag. You can place your shirts and a wash bag on one side and on the o.. Learn More
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  3. LX1005_VCGR_NRR LX1005_VCGR_NRR
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    Briefcase (13 inch) LX1005

    We all want to look the best in our tidy suit when we get down the car. We all want that very bag which reflects our personality while walking the hal.. Learn More
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  4. Satchel for 13" laptop Satchel for 13" laptop #bot[sku: BG2018,id:78774]

    Satchel for 13" laptop BG2018

    This luxury leather bag for 13-inch laptop has been specially conceived to carry your laptop. This relatively small travel briefcase is opened thanks .. Learn More
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  5. Portfolio bag 15-inch Portfolio bag 15-inch
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    Portfolio bag 15-inch LX1019

    Trendy and classy, this new portfolio bag 15-inch has a new design which makes your style unique as you carry it everyday for work. Also created in so.. Learn More
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  6. 15-inches laptop bag 15-inches laptop bag #bot[sku: BG1030,id:60317]

    15-inches laptop bag BG1030

    This is perfect for both students and professionals. Blending optimum leather craft and sublime design, this laptop bag is one of the finest of the Lu.. Learn More
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  7. Lawyer briefcase Lawyer briefcase
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    Lawyer briefcase LX1017

    This briefcase from our designer collection has been created in the softest leather possible. In it, you can carry a whole days of work and with it yo.. Learn More
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  8. Briefcase 1 compartment Briefcase 1 compartment #bot[sku: BG1006,id:60332]

    Briefcase 1 compartment BG1006

    One compartment Lucrin briefcase in full grain leather. The latter is made up of one inside pocket with zipper, 2 pen holders and a leather loop with .. Learn More
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  9. Briefcase 2 compartments Briefcase 2 compartments #bot[sku: BG1011,id:60328]

    Briefcase 2 compartments BG1011

    Briefcase with 2 compartments (1x5 cm and 1x10cm) in full grain leather. Inside : 1 large pocket with zipper, 1 portable phone holder, 1 keys holder w.. Learn More
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  10. Satchel briefcase Satchel briefcase #bot[sku: BG1013,id:60745]

    Satchel briefcase BG1013

    Briefcase with 2 compartments and 2 pockets on the front. Made in full grain leather. Inside : 1 large pocket with zipper, 1 portable phone holder, 1 .. Learn More
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  11. Briefcase with 3 gussets Briefcase with 3 gussets #bot[sku: BG1012,id:92413]

    Briefcase with 3 gussets BG1012

    Here is the leather briefcase with 3 gussets of the Lucrin collection. Designed with 2 separations and 3 isolated compartments, you can classify your .. Learn More
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  12. Laptop briefcase Laptop briefcase #bot[sku: BG1010,id:60329]

    Laptop briefcase BG1010

    Laptop briefcase in full grain leather. With 2 large compartments with zippers in the same color. Inside left compartment: 2 flat pockets, two pen hol.. Learn More
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11 Item(s)