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  1. Discover the beauty of this premium collection specially designed by a renowned designer who has been able to include the Lucrin look and feel into each item. This collection, with a unique design is timeless yet modern, while at the same time allowing you to be part of the creation thanks to the numerous customization options available. Each bag comes with recognizable metallic accessories branded LUCRIN, with external pockets that have been handcrafted finish, with metal zip closures and a mink-colored waterproof cotton lining.
    With this collection you are sure to receive or to give the best of LUCRIN.
  2. Unisex Tote Bag Unisex Tote Bag
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    Unisex Tote Bag LX1018

    Lucrin presents the unisex tote bag as part of its Designer Collection - a favourite to both men and women since long. Combining style and functionali.. Learn More
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  3. Shirt case Shirt case
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    Shirt case LX1015

    The perfect classic shirt case in authentic soft leather was designed in a way for you to carry and keep your shirts and ties pressed and neat. The sh.. Learn More
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  4. Small Dopp Kit Small Dopp Kit
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    Small Dopp Kit LX1012

    Featuring a beautiful and stylish handcrafted small dopp kit in extra soft leather that is perfect for travel.Exterior: Granulated calf leather 1 leat.. Learn More
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  5. Wash bag Wash bag
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    Wash bag LX1011

    Presenting a beautiful and elegant handcrafted wash bag in extra soft leather that is perfect for travel.Exterior: Granulated calf leather 1 leather h.. Learn More
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  6. Toiletry Toiletry
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    Toiletry LX1010

    Starring the leather toiletry bag from Lucrin’s Designer Collection, oozing pure elegance and luxury. Big and comfortable enough, in extra soft leathe.. Learn More
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  7. LX1014_VCGR_BAC LX1014_VCGR_BAC
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    Wristlet LX1014

    A perfect leather wristlet in extra soft leather which you can carry gracefully around your wrist, adding elegance and class to your attire for a perf.. Learn More
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  8. LX1013_VCGR_CRT LX1013_VCGR_CRT
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    Satchel tote LX1013

    The classic and famous satchel tote in extra soft leather, relatively small and easy to carry, is one of the new creations of Lucrin Designer Collecti.. Learn More
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  9. LX1004_VCGR_GRT LX1004_VCGR_GRT
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    Tote LX1004

    A splendid leather tote bag in extra soft leather, totally comfortable and practical to carry everyday at work.Exterior:Granulated calf leather2 leath.. Learn More
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  10. LX1003_VCGR_NRR LX1003_VCGR_NRR
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    Backpack LX1003

    Featuring this magnificent pure smooth leather Backpack for a casual wear or even for business affairs. The design shows attention to details and perf.. Learn More
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  11. Document case 13" Document case 13"
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    Document case 13" LX1006

    Lucrin presents the soft leather document case, one of the most practical document holders you can possess in your bag collection. Make the journey to.. Learn More
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  12. LX1005_VCGR_NRR LX1005_VCGR_NRR
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    Briefcase (13 inch) LX1005

    We all want to look the best in our tidy suit when we get down the car. We all want that very bag which reflects our personality while walking the hal.. Learn More
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  13. Portfolio bag 15-inch Portfolio bag 15-inch
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    Portfolio bag 15-inch LX1019

    Trendy and classy, this new portfolio bag 15-inch has a new design which makes your style unique as you carry it everyday for work. Also created in so.. Learn More
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  14. Travel briefcase Travel briefcase
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    Travel briefcase LX1016

    Lucrin's Designer Collection presents this unique granulated calfleather travel bag. You can place your shirts and a wash bag on one side and on the o.. Learn More
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  15. Lawyer briefcase Lawyer briefcase
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    Lawyer briefcase LX1017

    This briefcase from our designer collection has been created in the softest leather possible. In it, you can carry a whole days of work and with it yo.. Learn More
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  16. Crossbody Crossbody
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    Crossbody LX1009

    Lucrin’s Designer Collection includes the soft leather crossbody bag, a smaller version of its famous courrier bag. A slight change in style makes it .. Learn More
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