Océan Bags Collection

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  1. Discover the first canvas-leather collection of Lucrin. We are presenting a dozen of bags and accessories in woven cotton and granulated leather finishes. Inspired by the various travel experiences of our designers, this collection boasts of a fresh summer feel. Made in beige or blue fabric, the expertise and finishing bring added value to this exclusive Océan collection.

  2. Crossbody purse Crossbody purse
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    Crossbody purse LO1006

    Featuring a stylish canvas cross body purse with sumptuous leather finishes for a new look on your casual day out. Small and easy to carry when you ar.. Learn More
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  3. Side bag Side bag
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    Side bag LO1008

    Featuring this trendy canvas side bag with authentic leather finishes from Lucrin’s Designer Collection. Stylish and easy to carry, this bag can be wo.. Learn More
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  4. Small Messenger Bag Small Messenger Bag
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    Small Messenger Bag LO1007

    Lucrin Designer Collection presents this exclusive small messenger bag. Made in high-end canvas along with leather finishes, this small courier bag is.. Learn More
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  5. Half-moon dopp kit Half-moon dopp kit
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    Half-moon dopp kit LO1005

    Presenting one of the most beautiful creations of toiletry bags from Lucrin’s Designer Collection. Here is the canvas dopp kit with luxurious leather .. Learn More
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  6. Cosmetic bag Cosmetic bag
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    Cosmetic bag LO1004

    Lucrin Geneva’s exclusive Designer Collection presents the new canvas cosmetic bag with luxurious leather finishes. Big enough to carry make-up and ac.. Learn More
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  7. Shopper bag Shopper bag
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    Shopper bag LO1001

    Lucrin’s Designer Collection presents this splendid canvas shopper bag with premium leather finishes. Comfortable and easy to carry anywhere you wish .. Learn More
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  8. Mailbag Mailbag
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    Mailbag LO1002

    Lucrin’s Designer Collection presents the canvas mailbag with sumptuous leather finishes. Classy and fashionable this mail bag can be used everyday to.. Learn More
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  9. Tote bag Tote bag
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    Tote bag LO1003

    Lucrin's Designer Collection presents the exclusive modern canvas tote bag at its utmost prestigious trendy look. Designed and created for you to feel.. Learn More
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  10. Carry-on bag Carry-on bag
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    Carry-on bag LO1000

    Presenting a trendy canvas carry-on bag with premium leather finishes for a week-end. This beautiful creation from Lucrin’s Designer Collection has be.. Learn More
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9 Item(s)