Cover - Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

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Enhance your mobile experience with this unique Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 cover. Designed with utmost care, this lightweight and elegant back cover provides a good grip to your phone and does not slip from your hands or other surfaces. The microfiber lining inside the cover protects your phone from scuffs and scratches. This cover is made from the finest rubber and polycarbonate and is fully sheathed with premium leather. Coming with raised edges and in 2 pieces, this case provides 360 degree protection to your luxury device and provides shock absorbing features. This lightweight cover slides easily into your pocket and snaps easily on your phone while enhancing your device’s elegant design. Customise your cover by choosing the leather colour and type from our unique palette. Add an engraving of your choice to get a unique cover for your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4.
SKU ET2649
Length: 5.1 inches
Width: 0.4 inches
Height: 6.1 inches
  • At LUCRIN Geneva, we protect our handcrafted leather products with cotton bags that mirror their quality. An eco-friendly and reusable alternative that is not only protective but also highly versatile.

    • Minimal packaging
    • Recyclable and reusable
    • Organic raw materials
    • Low environmental impact
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