Horse Shoe Coin Holder - Square

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A horse shoe purse small enough to slip into your pocket and available in a magnificent palette of patinated leather colors. With a rounded square shape, this coin purse has the particularity of not having any seams. It's a clever mix of luxury leathercraft know-how to achieve this unmatched level of high-end finish. An original and all in all very practical gift that will delight those who love vintage creations.

Dimensions: 2.6 x 2.6 inches

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  • At LUCRIN Geneva, we protect our handcrafted leather products with cotton bags that mirror their quality. An eco-friendly and reusable alternative that is not only protective but also highly versatile.

    • Minimal packaging
    • Recyclable and reusable
    • Organic raw materials
    • Low environmental impact
  • packaging
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Schöne kleine Geldbörse
Diese kleine Geldbörse benutze ich für Kleingeld, z.B. für Parkgebühren.
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Too Expensive
The product is functional, easily stored and attractive. It is, however, very over priced.
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